Aqua aerobic

The main advantage of Aqua Aerobic

  • saves musculoskeletal system - water floats and relieves the joints and spine
  • shapes and firms the body, improves physical fitness and condition
  • water pressure improves blood circulation and has a massaging effect on the surface of the body - contributes to faster degradation of subcutaneous fat and cellulite prevention
  • water keeps our abdominal muscles in constant activity.
  • during the exercise, everyone can choose its own pace and intesity - by momentary feelings or state of health

 Who is  intended aqua aerobic?

  • for all performance, age and weight categories
  • for beginners and advanced
  • for swimmers and non-swimmers (depth of the pool is 1,15 m – 1,50 m)
  • for people with allergies and respiratory problems (dust-free environment)
  • exercise is suitable for rehabilitation after sports injuries
  • exercise is also suitable for pregnant

Why practice aqua aerobic in the SPORTAREAL DRUŽSTEVNÍ?

Because we have great conditions for practicing aqua aerobic:

  • we have the ideal depth of water - 1,15 m - 1,50 m
  • we have the ideal temperature of water – 27,5°C
  • the halfe of the pool is reserved for aqua aerobic (25 x 6 meters)
  • we have qualified and experienced instructors
  • we have reasonable prices