Swimming pools

Water Facilities

Our pool is regulated at 28°C and measures from 1.15 to 1.45 Meters in depth.  A total of 6 lanes which can be divided in either length; 25 x 12.5 Meters, allow swimmers of all levels to utilize this amenity.

Warm up in our hot tub or let your children play between visits to the pool, regulated at 32°C , which is located right beside our swimming pool.

The pool and hot tub alike are built with the newest technology ensuring the upmost quality and care is taken for protection against bacteria. Instead of chlorinated systems, ozone allows pools to be thoroughly cleaned. By passing oxygen through the ozone system’s chamber, the oxidized contents such as dirt, grease, oils and excess waste are absorbed. It does not irritate the eyes like cholirnated water, and has been used in Europe for over 100 years, especially in hospitals to refine water and contain odor, ozone gas is the preferred method of cleaning and maintenance reducing the utilization of chlorine by 85%!

Both pools are carefully covered with tiles to ensure each guest feels comfortable and safe throughout their visit.

Located throughout the length of the pool is a 25 meter long bench, carefully crafted out of tropical wood to allow our guests to rest between their visit in the pool.

Need a little assistance? No problem! We have an array of aquatic swim equipment and various water toys to help throughout our guests visit or simply to entertain our younger visitors.

The main pool will also include a diving board for more competitive events and/or practice, which can easily be removed from the pool’s premises.

Our changerooms are equiped with clean and safe showers, powerful hair driers and spacious storage for a change of clothes.